Goldfish are social and peaceful animals that regularly interact with each other and humans. To know more about the goldfish lifespan (goldfish life expectancy) The average lifespan of goldfish is about 10 to 15 years. But some varieties can live more than 25 years. In the research, we recognized that goldfish lived for 43 years ago and that was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest goldfish that live.

Many goldfish are dying faster without proper care and some other reasons. The main reason was poor water quality and the spreading of toxic diseases in the tank.

When the water quality of the goldfish tank becomes dirty (water pollution)the fish may become stressed and the oxygen content in the water becomes low the fish struggles to survive.

The dirt water may contain bacteria, fungi, and other types of toxic threats to the fish. The pH Level will be unbalanced which makes changes in the water conditions. You can read our detailed goldfish care guide.

This article gives an overview of the goldfish lifespan that includes 11 ways to increase the lifespan of goldfish.

  • Provide Nutritious Food
  • Improve Filtration System
  • Regular Water Maintenance
  • Maintain water temperature
  • Maintain Ph Level
  • Analysis Tankmates
  • Pruning Plants
  • Make Feed Schedules
  • Reduce Spreading Of ammonia
  • Reduce Spreading of algae
  • Excretion of Debris 

What is the Lifespan of Goldfish?

Goldfish Lifespan

Goldfish have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years and some of the varieties can live up to 25 years. But many goldfish will not reach that much age due to inadequate conditions. Due to water pollution and not attaining behavioral and physiological needs, they will not survive 10 years.

Goldfish are social and intelligent fish that loves their owner and you need to interact with them every day and analyze the health conditions of the goldfish. Many people need to care for their fish according to their water condition and provide an aquatic environment for stabilizing their life.

What is the Oldest goldfish in the world?

We have found that Tish was the oldest goldfish that live 43 years and won the Guinness World Record. So there will be a chance for goldfish that can live more than 25 years.

Lifespan of Different Goldfish (Chart)

Goldfish NameAverage Age
Oranda Goldfish10 to 13 years
Common Goldfish10 to 15 years
Comet Goldfish10 to 15 years
Fantail Goldfish10 to 13 years
Bubble Eye Goldfish10 to 13 years
Black Moor Goldfish10 to 13 years
Pearlscale Goldfish10 to 13 years
Wakin Goldfish10 to 15 years
Ranchu Goldfish10 to 13 years
Ryukin Goldfish10 to 13 years

What is the goldfish lifespan In a Tank?

Goldfish Lifespan

According to our research and experience the goldfish lifespan in a tank or aquarium can vary according to the size and water quality of the tank. If the tank size is small and crowded then goldfish lifespan will be decreased because they need space for swimming and aquatic environment for survival.

If the tank size is small then filtration will be a hard task. Maintaining water quality will not be possible without filtration and regular maintenance. Goldfish need an aquatic environment that includes driftwood, live plants, substrate, etc.

After research, we found that goldfish in small tanks can live for 2 years maximum. There should be proper feeding and water maintenance for the aquarium. When the tank becomes congested with a lot of fish, then goldfish will be stressed and hard to thrive.

What is the goldfish lifespan In Pond?

The average lifespan of goldfish in the pond is 15 to 20 years. Most of the goldfish that live in the ponds are normal types because they can survive in any water condition and it was hard for fancy-type goldfish to survive in the pond.

The main reason was fluctuating water conditions in the pond. We have some limitations for water conditions outside. It was hard to control the water temperature in the pond. In my experience and research normal goldfish can live more than 15 years and Filtration in the pond was one of the major requirements for goldfish that live in the pond.

The goldfish may become stressed due to sudden changes in the environment. The water quality, pH Level, and oxygen level need to be maintained. The goldfish may hide in their favorite spot when they become stressed.

What is the goldfish lifespan In the Bowl?

According to our research and experience, the average goldfish lifespan is about 1 to 3 years. It was according to the size of the tank and poor care will decrease the lifespan of goldfish. In small bowls, the goldfish can survive 3 to 6 months without proper care.

The oxygen level in the bowl will be lower and the shape of the bowl will make it difficult for oxygen to dissolve in water. So goldfish will struggle to breathe in the bowl. Oxygen is a critical part of goldfish life similar to humans. Dissolved oxygen (DO) in the aquarium will be absorbed by the fish through their gills.

What is the goldfish lifespan In the Wild?

The average lifespan of goldfish in the wild is 20 to 35 years. We have found that goldfish can live more years in the wild because they have a lot of space for swimming, less stress, and stabled water condition.

11 Ways To Increase Lifespan of Goldfish

Goldfish Lifespan

These are the 11 different ways to increase the lifespan of goldfish. You need to provide or check each one of them. 

Provide Nutritious Food

Goldfish lifespan is associated with high-quality nutritious goldfish food. Nutrients food such as flakes, pellets, and live foods are consumed for healthy growth and to develop an immunity system. The important thing is to avoid overfeeding as it causes indigestion or contaminates the aquarium.

The food should contain 30% of protein and other vitamins, minerals, etc. This list of high-nutrient food for increasing the lifespan and health of goldfish.

  • Alage Wafer: According to Substantial research, The Algae wafer contains 28% Protein, 6% Fat, 3.5% Ash, Vitamin A 15,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D 3,500 IU/kg, and Vitamin E 500 IU/kg.
  • Brine Shrimp: According to Substantial research, Brine Shrimp contains 37%–71% protein, 12%–30% lipid, 11%–23% carbohydrate, and 4%–21% ash.
  • Blood Worms: According to our Substantial research, Blood worms contain 45% protein, 2% Fat, and 4% Fiber.
  • Pellets Or Flakes: Hight quality ingredients with high-rich proteins, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Vegetables are also nutritious food for goldfish.

Feeding goldfish according to feeding schedules. Feed 2 to 3 times daily and avoid overfeeding as it causes indigestion or contaminates the aquarium otherwise, goldfish have the affection of swim bladder disorder. Scientific research found the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet for vibrant freshwater fish. Goldfish can be stable and thrive in life with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Improve Filtration System

Aquarium Filtration refers to the removal of solid particles from the water. There are three main types of filtration such as mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. Without proper filtration, the solid contaminants will turn into toxic ammonia and nitrite.

You need to provide a proper filtration system in the aquarium and check the water quality and water condition every day. If the water becomes dirty, the goldfish will struggle to breathe and they may become stressed and hide somewhere in the aquarium.

As per substantial research, We found that goldfish can thrive for 3 days in dirty water or unconditional water. You need to keep the filtration system according to the size of the tank and set the water flow rate. 

 If the water gets dirty faster then reduce feeding quantity and clean the debris from the aquarium. Dirty water was beneficial for ammonia spreading and algae. You need to change 60% of the aquarium, refill it with fresh water every week, and clean it once a month. 

Improper filtration will lead to many health problems for the goldfish and decrease their lifespan. The oxygen content in the water will be lower and the goldfish may have health problems like swim bladder disorder.

Regular Water Maintenance

Goldfish Lifespan

Regular water maintenance will improve the health of goldfish. Without proper water maintenance, the goldfish may become anxious, irritable, and unhealthy. In this condition, the goldfish’s lifespan will be shortened.

Here are some tips for daily maintenance.

  • Make sure that filter, air pump, and lights are working properly.
  • Observe the fish for any side effects.
  • Test the water and ensure water parameters are correct.
  • Remove excess food or waste particles from the aquarium.
  • Change 60% of the water if they get dirty and refill freshwater.

You can use a gravel vacuum for removing waste particles that stay on the bottom of the tank. Use an algae scrubber for cleaning the algae and clean the filter sponge.

Maintain water temperature

Goldfish Lifespan

Maintaining water temperature is important for goldfish to thrive in an aquarium. Without water conditions, the goldfish’s lifespan will be shortened.  Goldfish require a tank water temperature of between 20°C – 23°C.

So you need to provide the required water temperature using the heater. Common goldfish can thrive in any water condition outdoor or indoor, But fancy goldfish have a lower immunity system. So Changing water temperature will affect the health of fancy goldfish.

Here is a some of the methods for maintaining the water temperature of an aquarium. 

In the winter season, you can use the heater to maintain the water temperature. But in the summer season, it would be difficult to control the water temperature. If you find the water temperature exceeds 86 degrees F then remove the top lid and add ice packs into the tank without leaking the ice water.

You can also blind the direct sunlight spot to the aquarium for maintaining the water temperature.  Remember goldfish will stay at the bottom or hide somewhere in the aquarium due to changes in water temperature.

Maintain Ph Level

Goldfish Lifespan

Maintaining a pH Level is important because changes in pH level can affect the goldfish’s health and decrease its lifespan of goldfish. pH is measured for finding whether the water is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. 

The pH Level required for goldfish is 6.5 -7.5. If the pH Level becomes lower than 6.5 then goldfish find it difficult to breathe, goldfish appear dark, gasping, and have rapid gill movements.

You can add Indian almond leaves, driftwood, and peat moss to the aquarium for controlling the pH Level. Mostly tap water contains low pH Levels but high pH contents are found the limestone, ocean rocks, etc.

If the aquarium’s pH Level becomes lower then reduce food quantity, and overcrowding can be a reason for the lower pH.

Analyze Tankmates

You should check the aggression of tankmates and their behavior towards goldfish. If the tankmates are aggressive then they will attack the goldfish and make damage to the body. Don’t put aggressive temperament fishes in the goldfish tank.

The goldfish will be hiding due to stress because the aggressive fishes will make damage to fins and tails. So you need to watch the tankmate’s behavior and goldfish. If the goldfish become stressed then their lifespan will be shortened.

Pruning Plants

Goldfish Lifespan

Pruning plants will help to promote the healthier growth of aquatic plants and removes excessive or dead plant parts such as branches, leaves, etc. Overgrown plants will have the benefits of nutrition that will lead to an imbalance in the aquatic system. This means overgrown plants will use the supply of nutrients for faster growth and slow the growth of small branches.

Overgrown plants make it difficult for oxygenating the aquarium. Trimming helps maintain proper oxygenation in the tank and benefits plants and aquatic organisms. Trimming can prevent water quality while removing decade leaves and overgrown branches.

Some of the aquatic plants will grow larger and block the sunlight from reaching the bottom of the tank. So the small plants at the bottom don’t get sunlight for their growth and photosynthesis. Trimming plants will allow sunlight to penetrate the deep depths of the tank and reduce the growth of algae.

Make Feed Schedules

You need to keep a feeding schedule for goldfish in order to avoid overfeeding. Excessive food waste will reduce the quality of water. So there will be a chance for ammonia buildup, algae blooms, lower oxygen levels, and a decrease in the lifespan of goldfish.

You need to keep a feeding schedule for goldfish and reduce overfeeding for preventing water quality.

Reduce Spreading of ammonia

One of the main reasons for spreading ammonia is due to overfeeding, irregular water changes, inadequate filtration, etc. You need to monitor every change in the tank such as the quality of water, and the behavior of the fish.

For reducing the spreading of ammonia, you need to avoid overfeeding because excessive food waste can reduce the quality of water. Feed only what quantity the fish can consume. Check water parameters and water quality every day and change water every week as regular maintenance.

Avoid overcrowding fish because overcrowding or overstocking will increase the waste products in the aquarium. You need to ensure that the aquarium has enough space and proper filtration. Ammonia spreading will affect the health of fish and reduce the immunity power that will affect the lifespan of goldfish.

Reduce Spreading of algae

The spreading of algae can be a reason for decreasing the lifespan of goldfish. The main reasons for algae spreading are overfeeding inadequate filtration, and irregular water maintenance. You need to control the spreading of algae growth otherwise the water quality will be decreased and affect the health of goldfish.

You need to keep proper filtration and regularly change the water and check the water parameters every day. The best method for reducing the spreading of algae was through proper tank maintenance and feeding schedules. So you need to reduce the spreading of algae in the tank for increasing the lifespan of goldfish.

Excretion of Debris 

Excretion of debris means the removal of unwanted foods, decade plants, shed scales, and other debris found on the bottom of the aquarium. You can remove or reduce debris through regular maintenance of the aquariums. Cleaning the debris and maintaining water quality will increase the lifespan of goldfish.

One of the best methods for the excretion of debris is gravel vacuuming. Most of the food waste is found at the bottom of the tank. Gravel vacuuming can remove the accumulated debris and fish waste from the gravel and sand. Mechanical filtration will also help to remove debris and other waste from the aquariums.

Regular water maintenance and filter maintenance is important for reducing the debris and uneaten food waste from the aquariums. 

What is the average lifespan of Goldfish? 

The average lifespan of goldfish is 10 to 15 years and it can vary depending upon different factors and environment. If the goldfish types are fancy then the average lifespan can be decreased because they need proper water condition and care.

The common goldfish can grow faster if you provide proper nutritious foods and adequate space for swimming. Well-maintained tank, regular maintenance, and proper filtration will increase the lifespan of goldfish.

What is the lifespan of a comet goldfish?

Comet goldfish are similar to normal types of goldfish and their average lifespan will be 10 to 15 years. If you provide proper care and adequate space then comet goldfish can live more than 15 years like common goldfish.

What is black moor goldfish lifespan?

Black moor goldfish are a fancy type of goldfish and their average lifespan is 10 to 13 years. They need balanced nutritious food and a proper water-conditioned aquarium for maximizing lifespan.

What is the oranda goldfish lifespan?

Oranda goldfish are also fancy types of goldfish and the average lifespan is 10 to 13 years. For increasing their lifespan, you need to provide them with a well-maintained tank, proper nutritious food, and filtration systems.

How long do goldfish live in small tanks?

The goldfish can live in small tanks only for a few years that’s around 2 years. It was hard to live in a small because they need adequate space and an aquatic environment for living. Inadequate filtration and limited space in the tank will affect the health of goldfish and reduce their lifespan.

how long can goldfish live in small tanks without a filter?

It was difficult for goldfish to live in the small tank without an aquarium filter. The lack of water quality and accumulated waste will encourage the growth of algae and increase the spreading of ammonia in the tank.

how long can goldfish live in the small tank without an air pump?

The goldfish can live only a few months in the small tank without an air pump because they need oxygenated tanks for healthy living. Without proper air cycling in the small tank, it would be harder for goldfish to thrive in small tanks.

how long can goldfish live in the small tank without a heater?

The Aquarium heater is important for controlling the water temperature. The goldfish can survive in summer seasons but in winter season the water becomes cold and reduce the temperature which leads to low oxygen in the small tank. This will decrease the lifespan of goldfish.

What kind of water is suitable for goldfish?

Goldfish are freshwater fishes and they need water-conditioned tanks for healthy living. Common goldfish can thrive in any water condition except water temperature. But fancy-type goldfish need proper water-conditioned tanks that meet some criteria such as temperature, pH Level, Ammonia, and nitrite level.

Below is the requirement of water condition criteria required for goldfish.

What are the requirements for Goldfish water conditions?

Ph Level: The pH Level should be maintained between 6.5 to 7.5 and avoid significant fluctuations in the pH Levels of the aquariums.

Water Temperature: The temperature required for a goldfish tank is between 65 to 75°F. Small fluctuations can be handled by goldfish, but sudden changes in the water temperature lead to many health problems.

Do goldfish need saltwater or freshwater?

Goldfish are adapt to live in freshwater and they don’t require saltwater for survival. They are suitable for freshwater aquariums and they require the proper water-conditioned tank to thrive.

Can goldfish live in tap water?

Goldfish can live in tap water after removing the chemical contents in the water. If you directly put goldfish in the tap water without checking the water parameter then the goldfish lifespan will be shortened.

Can goldfish live in bottled water(Distilled water)

Bottled water is harmful to goldfish because it contains a lot of chemical contents that make goldfish to survive in the tank difficult. The Distilled water contains alkaline that was bad for goldfish.


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