About MrFishexpert

Mrfishexpert blog was started in 2022 for providing a helpful guide about fishkeeping. Our goal is to educate and provide accurate information.

We will break down the confusing topics into easier ones and provide a step-by-step guide to sort them out.

We are not a veterinarian, But we are experts after learning and experiences in fishkeeping.

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My name is David William, owner of Mrfishexpert.com.This was my first blog about fish keeping and fish tank setups. My friends told me to provide good details related to fish keeping in a blog. So I started blogging on 8 august 2022.

I was very passionate about fishkeeping and fish tank setups. That’s why I started fishkeeping in 2015 with only a few fish. But now there are a lot more. My favorite fishes are betta, goldfish, koi, etc.

What is the Benefit that You can get from the Mrfishexpert blog?

The main aim of the mrfishexpert blog was to provide a detailed guide for fishkeeping and how to take care of aquatic fish. In addition, the blog provides information regarding equipment used for fishkeeping.

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