Goldfish are peaceful and social fish species that every loves to keep. The goldfish may become aggressive in certain cases due to some reasons. One of the main reasons for goldfish aggression is aggressive tankmates or nonsuitable tankmates.

Goldfish become aggressive due to following reasons listed below

  • Mating 
  • Small Space
  • Limited Food
  • Low-Quality Food
  • Overstocking
  • Aggressive Tankmates

When the goldfish is chased by other fishes the goldfish may have damage to the body parts such as tails, fins, etc. In most cases then goldfish become stressed due to aggressive tankmates. In this article, you’ll know the reason and solution for goldfish aggression.

Why is goldfish aggressive?

Goldfish Aggressive

Goldfish are peaceful and social fish species but in certain scenarios, goldfish become aggressive and fight with tankmates. Mainly it was due to mating or some other reason listed above.

The goldfish need calm and quiet aquariums for living and they need suitable tankmates with low aggression temperament. If the tankmates start attacking the goldfish they will become stressed or have health issues.

How to Stop goldfish bullying

Goldfish will be bulling due to food competition or attacking other fishes. Goldfish are very aggressive when feeding they will be fighting for food and if other fishes eat a lot of food then goldfish will start attacking them.

The goldfish will be attacking for a few minutes only because their immunity power was lower compared to other fishes and they may have a lot of injuries when fighting with other fishes. If you spot goldfish staying in the same place for a long time then it was due to stress or low immunity.

The goldfish will be resting more time at the same place for regaining energy. If you see goldfish bulling small fishes then you need to separate them from the goldfish tank because the goldfish can make big health injuries to small fishes.

The only way to reduce goldfish bullying is by feeding two sides of the tank and ensuring goldfish have enough food.

Why is the goldfish chasing the other goldfish?

The goldfish chasing other goldfish tankmates was mainly due to mating. The male goldfish start chasing the female goldfish for mating purposes. The second reason could be food competition such as the goldfish not getting enough food and starting chasing the tankmates.

If the goldfish chases for a long time, both goldfish become tired due to low immunity and it will affect the health and damage the body.

Why is goldfish chasing the other tankmates’ breeds

The goldfish chase other breeds or tankmates due to food competition and territory. If the tankmates come near the territory of goldfish, they will be chased by goldfish which leads to fighting between them. In most cases the goldfish are peaceful but due to the tankmate’s aggression, the goldfish may become stressed or chase them.

Will goldfish eat other fish?

According to my research found that goldfish will eat fishes that are small in size. The goldfish are peaceful fishes but if they become hungry the goldfish start searching for anything eatable. So you need to avoid small fishes in goldfish tanks and avoid breeding pairs from the goldfish tank.

Why is goldfish hitting the tank?

The goldfish may experience stress due to sudden water parameter changes or aggressive tankmates. So the goldfish show erratic movements while swimming or become aggressive. The goldfish will be rubbing in the sand, hitting the glasses due to stress. You need to separate the goldfish as soon as possible.

Can oranda goldfish be aggressive?

In my experience, Goldfishes are not aggressive in nature, they are the most friendly and social animals that you can love. There are different types of goldfish available in the market, oranda goldfish is one of the types.

Usually, oranda goldfish will not be aggressive because they are social animals. But in a few cases, the goldfish may become aggressive and bully due to some reason. We can discuss it later.

To prevent goldfish aggression towards other fishes, you can put goldfish in a separate tank. Otherwise, the fish may start dying one by one every day. There are more solutions for the oranda goldfish aggressive.

Why does Oranda chase each other?

Oranda Goldfish Aggressive
Voilehvost and goldfish attack behind the glass in a blue aquarium, close-up

If you see the goldfish chasing each other in the aquarium. it was due to mating behavior or overcrowding aquariums also have this problem. Oranda goldfish are social animals but they need a lot of space.

So, you need to keep the aquarium simple with low fish to maintain the crowd. The overcrowding will lead to competition over food that affects the fish. The fish will become stressed and start chasing each other.

How to stop oranda goldfish from chasing ?

You may be wondering ” How to stop goldfish from chasing”. There are three ways to avoid the chasing of oranda goldfish.

  • Use Separate Tank: You can put the chasing goldfish in a separate tank and treat them as alone.
  • Add Live Plants: You can add extra live plants into the aquarium to ensure high-quality water for reducing stress.
  • Add Caves and rocks: Add rocks, caves, and other decorations for hiding, when the goldfish start chasing they can stay hidden in caves.

Do oranda goldfish bites hurt?

Not only oranda, but every goldfish can also bite, they have small teeth. Goldfish are friendly fish but sometimes they will start attacking other fishes due to stress and aggression.

They can bite and hurt other fishes in the aquarium. If you see the goldfish attacking other fishes, kindly put them in a separate tank.

6 Reasons your oranda goldfish aggressive(With Solution)

Oranda Goldfish Aggressive
Over crowded

Oranda goldfish are aggressive due to many reasons. There lot of aggressive types of goldfish.

Here, we will show 7 reasons that oranda fish may be aggressive toward other fish.


Oranda Goldfish Aggressive
Fish swimming in fish tank blue background

If the adult goldfishes start chasing each other, it was due to mating behavior.

It was a natural occurrence that male goldfish start chasing female goldfish for mating. In some cases, the female will start chasing the male goldfish.

It was common behavior at the time of breeding.

The only solution for this problem is keeping 2 males for 1 female goldfish for mating.

Small tank

Goldfish will become stressed due to small tanks, If you keep the goldfish in small tanks or bowls they will be stressed and start attacking other fishes and their lifespan will be shortened. Goldfish love a lot of space for swimming.

So they can build a territory inside the aquarium. Goldfish need rectangular aquariums with a lot of space without a crowded community.

The solution is to provide a good spaces aquarium with low fish mates and the important thing is, It should be rectangular shaped. The spherical-shaped aquarium will not give goldfish a huge area for swimming.

Limited food

It was the most important part of fishkeeping. if you don’t feed enough food to goldfish, they will start attacking other fishes. Goldfish are big and they need a lot of food if they didn’t get the feed correctly.

It makes them aggressive for goldfish during feeding time. Make sure that the goldfish gets enough food and watch if it was in an aggressive mood or not.

The only solution is to sprinkle the food in different areas of the tanks. So every fish can get fed without any problems.


Oranda Goldfish Aggressive
White and red fish swim in clear water.

If the aquarium is overcrowded with fish then goldfish be feeling stressed and start chasing other fishes. A small tank with a lot of fish will make the goldfish uncomfortable and lead to stress.

If you see goldfish chasing other fish with abnormal movements it is due to a crowded community.

The only solution is to remove some fish from the tank and the unnecessary decoration of plants. Goldfishes need a lot of space for swimming. Make sure that tank is not overcrowded and remove decoration and live plants.

Tank mates

Goldfish need to be housed with the same species only. They need a calm and quiet environment for living. if you put goldfish with aggressive fishes such as oscar, cichlids, etc they will start attacking goldfish.

In my experience, I put goldfish in oscar aquarium and after 2 hours the goldfish fins got broken and start bleeding. Poor tank mates will kill the goldfish, so they will be struggling to get out of the tank.

The only solution is to provide suitable fish mates for goldfish otherwise they will be dead or start attacking other fishes.

Low-Quality Food

Low-quality food can be a reason for goldfish aggressive because goldfish need high-protein food for improving their health and growth. If you feed low-quality food goldfish become stressed and start chasing or fighting with other tankmates.

Low-quality food creates a lot of problems in the fish tank, It will immunity of goldfish and affect their lifespan of goldfish. Low-quality food makes the goldfish tank cloudy and changes the water parameters.

You need to feed quality high protein food for goldfish and reduce overfeeding for improving the quality of water and maintain the water parameters.

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