Aquarium air pump are important for fish tank-like filters. Aquarium air pumps aerate and circulate water for exchanging gas from the aquariums. It was important for every aquarium to maintain the oxygen content in the tank for the healthy growth of fish. Fish can also survive without air pumps but it may affect the health and immunity system of fish.

Goldfish need air pumps because they love quality water and a lot of oxygen content in the tank. It was important for the goldfish tank to have an air pump because goldfish need a lot of space for swimming and it was hard for the filter to cycle the water.

The research found that the majority of fish die due to low-quality water and low oxygen in the tank. In this article, You’ll know everything about aquarium air pumps and how does it improve the health of goldfish.

What are Aquarium air pumps?

Aquarium Air Pumps

Aquarium air pumps are used for injecting air into the fish tank water. The oxygen generated from outside was transferred to the tank and released carbon dioxide.

The air pumps are used for giving oxygen inside the tank and releasing carbon dioxide. You can plant live plants inside the fish tank for supplying oxygen to the fish tank.

The air pumps will ensure the oxygen needed in aquariums in order to reduce the carbon dioxide content in aquariums.

When I started fishkeeping, I didn’t know about air pumps and filter uses in aquariums. Many fishes have died to increased carbon dioxide content in water. Now my fishes are happy with filters and air pumps.

What are the benefits of an aquarium air pump?

These are the main benefits of aquarium air pumps.  Aquarium air pumps are pushing air through an air stone. The fish can survive only 2 days without air pumps and you can see changes in the behavior of fish.

To Keep fish healthier

Aquarium air pumps are mainly used for keeping the goldfish healthier. The air pump will increase oxygenation in the fish tank making fish stay healthier and boosting their immunity power. Without oxygen, the fish cannot survive or may reduce their goldfish lifespan, so they need an air pump for generating or pumping air to the aquarium from creating water movements.

Gas Exchange

Aquarium air pumps help in the process of gas exchange. It was used to aerate the aquarium water like it will create water movement that helps to release carbon dioxide and encourage oxygen to the fish tank. 

Improve Oxygenation

The aquarium air pump will increase the oxygen content in the aquariums which makes fish healthier and happy to stay at the bottom of the tank. 

Can goldfish survive without an oxygen pump?

Goldfish can survive 2 days without an oxygen pump because they love to swim and need a large tank that makes filtration and aeration difficult. It was hard for filters to create water movements in large tanks. So you need to keep an air pump for goldfish tanks

What are the behaviors of goldfish when low oxygen?

If the oxygen content in the water becomes low, the goldfish breathe faster and stay at the top for gasping air. You can see the rapid gill movement when they need oxygen. If you see the goldfish staying more time on the top of the aquarium then you need to keep a oxygen pump.

What are the causes of low oxygen in aquariums?

The main causes for the reduction in the oxygen content in the aquarium were poor water quality and increased carbon dioxide in the aquariums.

Poor water quality 

When the aquarium water becomes poor quality due to waste substances in the water makes the tank cloudy and increases the carbon dioxide content. This will make fish stressed and stay at the top for gasping air. 


One of the main reasons for low oxygen is overfeeding. When you overfeed the goldfish,  the waste food will be floating in the water and release carbon dioxide which makes the water dirty, That makes goldfish stay at the top due to low oxygenation.


Overcrowd can be a reason for low-oxygen aquariums because increased poop of all fish makes the water dirty and it was hard to breathe at the bottom of the tank goldfish stay at the top of the aquarium for gasping air.

Most Popular Aquarium Air Pumps(Reviews)

These are the most popular aquarium air pumps that you can buy. Three of them have good reviews and quality builds.

1. Tetra Whisper Easy-to-Use Air Pump for Aquariums

Tetra Whisper Easy-to-Use Air Pump

Rating: 32000+ Rating with a 4.5-star rating.

Tetra Whisper was the best and most popular aquarium air pump that you could use. It was the best in performance, quality build, and quiet air pump. Tetra whisper air pumps provide good airflow to aquariums. The best feature is the quiet performance of the air pump, which I have been using for 2 years.

You can select the air pump according to the size of the fish tanks.

2. HITOP Dual Outlet Aquarium Air Pump, Whisper Adjustable Fish Tank Aerator

HITOP Dual Outlet

Rating: 4500+ rating with a 4.5-star rating.

It was the second most popular aquarium air pump on our list. Super silent working with good performance and ABS Thicking engineering plastics. It has two outlet valves pumping a fish tank. It also has a feature for controlling the flow rate.

3. HIRALIY Aquarium Air Pump, Fish Tank Air Pump

HIRALIY Aquarium Air Pump

Rating: 3800+ rating with a 4.5-star rating

It was the third one among the most popular aquarium air pumps. It was designed as two valve outlet for providing air to aquariums. The feature of controlling the flow is the main feature I liked.

How to use an aquarium air pump?

Generally, aquarium air pumps are used for creating a gas exchange for oxygenating the tank to release the carbon dioxide inside the fish tank. You can use an air pump for decorating bubbles from different spectacles.

I will recommend using aquarium air pumps in every aquarium as a basic need ( From My experience). Don’t kill your fish without providing enough oxygen to the tank.

How to Set up Aquarium Air Pump?

Can Aquarium Air Pumps Catch Fire

Setting up an aquarium air pump was easy, you can DIY because the installation process was so simple. You can follow the steps below for installing aquarium air pumps.

Placing Air Pump

It was the first step and important one, You need to find a place near the aquarium to place an air pump. Make sure that water content was not dripping to the air pump. Place the air pump on the upper side of the aquarium for more security.

Cutting Tubes

Measure the length of the tube for cutting and make sure to connect one end to the air pump and another one to the equipment. If the tube has a heavy bend, then it will block the air from passing away.


Now plug in the air pump to a power source and turn it on. Now it creates air bubbles on the equipment. If air bubbles were not coming in a proper way, then inspect any bend on the tube or leakage.

Below is the list of equipment needed for installing an air pump.

  • Air stone
  • Breeder box
  • Egg tumbler
  • Sponge Filter
  • Decorations

This equipment can be used for providing oxygen to tanks in different ways.

Alternative ways to increase the oxygenation

These are the alternative method for increasing oxygen in aquariums. You can use these methods for increasing the oxygen ( only you don’t have an air pump)

Pour water from the height

For creating water movements in the aquariums, You can pour a cup of water from a height to create water movements. You need to care for the fish while doing this method because direct pouring of water from a height may damage the fish near.

Live plants

Live plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. The plants use light energy to consume food from carbon dioxide and water, in this process the plants will release oxygen to the fish tank.

Water Changes

Water changes can improve the oxygen content in aquariums. You need to change 40% of the water and add fresh water to the aquariums.

How much electricity need for running an Aquarium Air pump?

It will depend upon the size and working setup of the air pump. If the tank is bigger then the electricity charge will be high.

An average air pump has 3 watts, It would be a small charge. We cannot provide a fixed rate due to different electrical charges in countries.

In the US may be below $1, Not a fixed electricity charge.

Can an aquarium air pump overheat?

Aquarium Air Pumps

The Aquarium air pump will become warn due to continuously working. The air pump creates surface agitation for the gas exchange. It may become overheated due to the wrong installation and equipment.

Aquarium air pumps can overheat due to various reasons such as poor air circulation, Overstocked aquarium, incorrect size, wrong installation, and inappropriate depth.

  1. Poor Air Circulation: If you keep an air pump without proper ventilation, it can become overheated. So keep the air pump in good air circulation areas for proper working.
  2. Overstocked Aquarium: Many people will overstock the aquarium and maintenance was difficult. The equipment has good pressure inside the aquarium and it was tough to release oxygen bubbles inside the aquarium.
  3. Incorrect size: If you’re using a small size air pump for big aquariums, then the air pump will overheat while running continuously. Large fish tanks have more resistance, so it was not easy to push bubbles into fish tanks.
  4. Wrong Installation: Due to the improper installation process, the air pump will get overheated. Installation must consider with guidelines provided by the air pump.
  5. Inappropriate depth: If you place the diffuser at maximum depth, it will maximize the pressure and lead to the overheating air pump.

Can I Turn Off the Aquarium air pump at night?

Don’t need to worry about overheating the air pump, You need to place the air pump which has air circulation, and not block the ventilation holes on the air pump. If you block the ventilation holes in the air pump will lead to overheating.

The aquarium air pumps are made for providing oxygen content to the aquarium for the extraction of carbon dioxide. So you need to turn on aquarium air pumps every time and continuously.


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