At the bottom of every aquarium, you can see food waster and fish waste. The goldfish poop every time due to various reasons that I will mention below. When goldfish poop, you can inspect the poop for finding any diseases affected by goldfish.

Generally, Goldfish poop a lot due to overfeeding. They are very hungry for food, and as much as you gave it will lead to overfeeding and they start to poop a lot in the aquariums. There are a lot of ways to prevent overfeeding.

In this article, I’ll provide various tips to reduce goldfish poop and effective ways for cleaning the aquarium. Many beginners don’t know to feed the goldfish, not only goldfish all the fishes in the aquarium need a feeding schedule.

You may see the fish begging for food and when you start feeding them every time, it will lead to major health issues.

Do goldfish poop

Goldfish Poop

Every fish can poop because they need to eject the waste materials from the body. When you analyze the goldfish, you see the anus above their tail fin. The goldfish poop looks like what they eat.

In order to find any infection, you can check the color of the poop. I have listed below the various poop color according to what they eat.

Why do goldfish poop so much

When you overfeed any fish, you can see a lot of waste in the aquarium. It was mainly due to non-scheduled feeding. Goldfish overfeeding leads to many problems such as pooping a lot and waste generation in the aquarium and health issues that can reduce the lifespan of goldfish.

Goldfishes need a clean tank for living because they need to prevent the ammonia and nitrate from piling up. Unlike humans, goldfish do not have big stomachs for eating a lot of food. Try to make a schedule and feed them.

If the goldfish poop a lot without eating much food then it may be a problem with the digestion process. The amount of waste is produced according to the amount of food they eat.

How to Reduce the Goldfish pooping

Goldfish Poop
Woman feeding beautiful goldfish at home, closeup

Goldfish pooping a lot can lead to many problems. Excessive feeding will make the goldfish poop according to the food they eat. In order to reduce goldfish pooping,

You can create a scheduled feeding system for preventing overfeeding. Many beginners feed their fish as much as they eat. So it will lead to major health problems or even fish death too.

After feeding according to schedule, they will change their diet and start eating twice a day. This could prevent the goldfish from pooping a lot and reduce the waste in the tank.

The other reason for goldfish pooping may be due to water quality, if you see the water cloudy and hard, there may be bacteria generation that will infect the goldfish. So the goldfish will not drink water as regularly and it will cause constipation.

So the goldfish may start pooping a lot due to low-quality water and bacterial infections.

How to know goldfish poop infections

Goldfish Poop

A healthy goldfish may poop according to the food they have eaten. If you feed them pellets, the goldfish will poop that look like pellets. If your goldfish eat a lot of algae and plants, their poop may look like green poop.

The goldfish poop may change its color according to the food they eat. So it was easy to find the infections inside the goldfish.

Why do my goldfish poop white

The goldfish will poop white color due to a poor diet schedule. They are not getting enough food according to the schedule. You can feed the goldfish with a mixture of tropical flakes, vegetation, and live foods.

In order to reduce the white poop, you need to provide nutrients and food to goldfish according to the schedule which means twice a day.

Why does my goldfish poop look like red

The goldfish will poop red-colored poop due to infection. The infected poop may look brown or red color. You can prevent the goldfish from red poop by providing fish antibiotics for infection.

It was recommended by a veterinarian near to my house. They told me to provide antibiotics for goldfish that have pooping red due to infection.

Why do goldfish poop black

It was commonly found in my aquariums, it was due to eating dead worms.

If you feed them worms, they will start pooping black poop that worms have gone through digestion. They may look black colored. It was not harmful to goldfish, but need to feed them only small pinches and worms.

Goldfish poop looks like Green

Goldfish poop may look like green because it was due to feeding the goldfish green pellets and vegetation. Don’t overfeed the vegetation feeds to goldfish.

How many times do goldfish poop a day

According to the study, the goldfish may poop once or twice every 48 hours. unlike humans, goldfish have a delayed digestion system. So the goldfish will poop only poop once or twice every 48 hours.


We have gone through a lot of topics that are related to goldfish poop. Many new beginners don’t know about poop infection which will lead to major problems.

When you see the goldfish sick or pooping a lot without eating food, it could be a problem due to bacterial infections. I recommend seeing a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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