You may have a problem with betta fish and goldfish that live together in the same tank. From our experience betta fish and goldfish have different temperaments. Sometimes the betta fish will attack the goldfish when they enter the territory of the betta fish.

Betta fish and goldfish can live together in the same tank but we are not recommending putting them together for various reasons such as different fish species, temperaments, diet, etc. From my experience, you must keep them in a separate tank to avoid collisions.

So in this explanation article, the experts will answer the questions regarding the betta fish and goldfish living in the same tank. 

What is Betta fish

Betta Fish

Betta fish are also known as fighter fish because they have an aggressive temperament for attacking other fishes in the same tank. In many countries, people call them Siamese fighting fish.

Basically, they are very aggressive in nature and start attacking the fish in the same tank. So people keep them in a separate single tank for avoiding fights. In the time of breeding betta male fish will attract females till the eggs are stored in the bubbles.

In My home, I have to keep the betta fish in a separate tank. So they have a lower tendency to attack and they are very calm while alone.

If you keep a mirror near the betta fish tank, you can see the fish start to fight. If you keep the betta fish with other fishes, betta fish may start to attack them or get stressed.

So you need to keep them separate for making them healthy.

Sometimes betta fish will not eat food, here is the reason.

Behavior and Temperament of Betta Fish

Betta Fish

Betta fish are very intelligent fish with feelings and emotions. They will recognize the owner when you reach near them. But they are very territorial fish who protect their territory from other fishes.

When a fish enter their territory, the betta fish will start attacking and it will reduce the health of the fish. You can see the gills of bettas open and show aggressive temptation towards other fishes.

The betta fish are curious and inspect every item in the tank. So when a fish was introduced in the tank, they suddenly start inspecting and when it reaches the territory, they will attract them.

For reducing the aggressive behavior of betta fish, you need to install some items that betta fish like in their tank. Here is the detailed article about.

Why Betta Fishes are aggressive

Betta fish are aggressive because it was their behavior and nature. They love to leave alone and protect their territory from other fishes.

They have established territory with food, shelter, etc. So you need to keep them in separate tanks for avoiding fights.

Do betta fish and snails live together, I have created a blog post about betta and snails. You can read it

What is Goldfish

Betta Fish

Goldfish is a beautiful fish that can live with any fish. The temperament of the goldfish was peaceful, so you can keep the goldfish with any fish.

Don’t keep goldfish with aggressive fish because they will attack the goldfish. They love their owners and you can keep it as a pet. It was a social animal so you need to care well.

Sometimes they may become stressed due to various reasons. If you have goldfish, then don’t put them in a betta fish tank. I don’t recommend keeping them together.

Behavior and Temperament of Goldfish

Betta Fish

Goldfish was a social and peaceful animal that loves to live in groups. You can keep them with any peaceful fish.

Don’t keep them with larger fishes and aggressive temperament fishes because they will start attacking them and eating.

At the beginning of my fishkeeping, I put my goldfish with Oscar fishes and after a few minutes, it start to attack them and killed one of my goldfish.

According to my experience, don’t put goldfish with aggressive and larger fishes. They love to eat food and when you feed bettas the goldfish may eat the food and there will be a chance for fighting.

Betta fish Vs Goldfish

Let’s look at the difference between betta fish and goldfish. So let’s start with the temperament itself.

  • Betta fish can be aggressive whereas goldfish are peaceful and social animals.
  • Betta fish don’t grow bigger whereas goldfish can grow bigger.
  • Betta fish have shorter lifespans whereas goldfish can live about 15 years.
  • Betta fish are suitable for small tanks whereas goldfish need a large area.

Can You Keep Betta Fish With Goldfish

Betta fish have an aggressive temperament and you cannot put goldfish with a betta. But you can use large tanks for betta fish and goldfish. When the goldfish comes near the territory of betta fish then it may start attacking the goldfish.

As I already mentioned in the beginning betta cannot live with any fish and they love to live alone in a tank.

Can Betta fish kill goldfish?

Sometimes that betta may become very aggressive and start attacking the goldfish until it dies. So you need to observe the changes in the behavior of bettas.

The betta fish will start chasing the goldfish or their gills may flare.

Expert’s Answer About Betta fish live with Goldfish

Many experts are not recommending keeping the goldfish and betta fish in the same tank due to various reasons that have already been mentioned.

The main reason was betta temperaments and they love to stay alone in a tank. If you introduce any items in the tank, they will start inspecting it. So when you introduce a fish into a betta fish tank, they will inspect and start attacking them.

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