Betta fish are beautiful and aggressive fish that wish to live alone in a tank. You need to know what betta like in their tank to keep them calm and peaceful.

Here is the list of things betta fish like in their tank.

  • Live plants
  • Almond leaves
  • Substrate
  • Caves
  •  Filter
  • Heater
  • Light

In this article, you will know more about what betta is like in their tank and learn to keep them calm and peaceful.

When I got betta fish the first time, I was a little nervous about the tank setup and I don’t know what betta was like in their tank.

As a beginner,  I used many things like toys, Plastic leaves, etc. But nothing worked, then I got advice from experts.

That was what I going to share below. So follow till the end and some bonus tips are included.  

Before that, Is it possible to keep two betta fish in the same tank, I’ve created a detailed blog about betta living together.

 What does betta fish like in their tank?

Betta Like in their Tank

To keep the betta fish safe and happy, you need to know the behavior of betta fish. So you need to watch them while testing each of the items that bettas like in their tank.

For example, I used almond leaves in the tank and see the behavior of betta toward the leaves. Then I found 7 things that betta like in their tank after testing.

Do betta fish need Live plants?

Betta Like in their Tank

The first thing you can keep in a betta tank is live plants. Live plants will increase the oxygenation inside the tank.

Live plants will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. If you use any fake plants like plastic, there will be a chance of injuries because of the rough plastics.

When the betta fish need to rest they can find a resting spot on the live plants. Sometimes they may stay more time near the live plants and make territory and guard them.

Do betta fish need Almond Leaves?

Betta fish loves to stay in the almond leaves (Indian almond leaves). If your betta tank was small then the water becomes unhealthy after some days.

In order to keep the water in condition, you can use Indian almond leaves. I have used Indian almond leaves for breeding the betta fish.

The male betta will make bubbles on the leaves and guard the eggs.

It was good for betta fish, as it was natural medicine for skin and fin rot problems in betta fish. So I recommend using almond leaves for the betta fish tank.

Do betta fish need substrate

Betta Like in their Tank

It depends upon the tank you use for betta fish. 

If the tank was small size then don’t need to add substrate, but there will chance of water getting dirty due to waste spreading in the tank.

To keep the aquarium clean, you need to use substrate in the aquariums. The gravel or sand will break the waste and allow them to stay in the bottom itself.

Don’t use sharp edge gravel in the aquarium because it can make injuries to fish.

Do betta fish need Caves?

Betta Like in their Tank

You should provide caves for the betta tank for resting and hiding. If they become tired, you’ll need to set up a cave or some hiding spots for a betta.

Sometimes the betta fish will get stressed due to various reasons. So you should provide some hiding places like caves for betta fish.

If your fish tank is small and suitable for one betta fish, then don’t need of setting up a cave.

Do betta fish need a Filter?

Betta Like in their Tank

You should provide a filter for betta tanks. 

Filter was important for every fish tank for increasing the water quality and oxygenation inside the tank.

If you have a small tank ( Such as Bowl) then don’t place the filter, you can use an air bubbler or live plants for increasing the oxygen content of the water.

If you find that the water becomes dirty then immediately change the water. Otherwise, the fish may struggle to breathe.

Why do betta fish stay at the top every time, Here is the reason for betta fish staying top.

Do betta fish need a Heater?

If the temperature was low then you need to use a heater for the betta tank.

Water parameters are important for every fish, but many people don’t use the heater for fixing the temperature.

Here are the water parameters required for a betta fish.

  • Temperature: 75°-81°F (23.8°-27.2°C)
  • pH: 6.5-7.5.

If the water temperature is lower than 75°F, then you need to provide a heater for betta fish.

Changes in water parameters will make the fish stressed and they will be hiding a lot of time. 

So I recommend keeping a water heater and the size of the tank must be 30 gallons.

Do betta fish need light?

Betta Like in their Tank

The light was not that much important for betta fish. 

They can survive without overhead lamps, but you need to keep them near the windows or natural lighting areas.

If you keep them in a dark area, then you need to provide light for 3 hours daily.

What things make betta fish happy?

To keep the betta fish happy, you need to provide them with toys, live plants, and aquatic environments.

If the betta fish was lazy and not active then tank a piece of mirror and place it on the tank glass. So they will start attacking and become healthy.

Keep it only for 30 minutes. 

Wrapping Up

Now you the best things betta like in their tank. You can try each of them in the tank.

If this article helps you then share it with friends and family.

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