Do you ever look for why the betta fish stays on top? Not only betta fish but every fish

In this article, we show the reasons betta fish stay on the top. I will also provide some solutions for reducing betta fish staying on top.

These are the reason for betta fish staying on top

  • Lack Of Oxygenation
  • Small tank or too many fish
  • Inadequate Water Temperature
  • Improper pH Level
  • The surface area is too small
  • Maintain pristine water quality
  • Lack of Food

I’ll explain the reason below, so you need to follow till the end to sort out the problem.

Why do Betta fish stay at the top? 

You can see the betta fish staying at the top for a long time due to a lack of oxygen and dirty water quality. The betta fish will start gasping for air on the surface and struggles to breathe oxygen at the bottom due to dirty water.

If the water was dirty, you can change the water and stable the temperature suitable for the betta and put them. Not they get more oxygen due to fresh water in the tank and also provide an 

air pump for generating oxygen into the tank.

You need to clean 80% of the water and refill the fresh water every week. So the maintenance was easy and fishes get fresh water. Try to clean the bottom of the tank while changing the water using a vacuum pump.

Cleaning water and providing good filters and air pumps will solve almost all problems. You can use live plants for converting carbon dioxide to oxygen in the tank. Live plants need light for the converting process, so you need to place the aquarium in the lightroom.

Don’t place where aquariums get direct sunlight because the temperature can change over time.

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7 Reasons betta fish stay at the top

Below is the reason betta fish stay at the top every time. Many beginners don’t know any idea to solve the betta fish stay at the top. So you can ask any problem in the comment section and we will be answered.

#1 Lack Of Oxygenation

Betta Fish Staying on Top

It was the main reason the betta fish stay on top for a long time. The fishes not getting enough oxygen to breathe so they come up to the surface and start gulping oxygen from outside.

You need to make sure that enough oxygen was there in the tank and provide a good filter and air pump for pumping and creating water movement in the tank.

On the bottom side, the fish will struggle to get oxygen for breathing. Many beginners don’t know the water conditions and oxygen needed for the tank. You can use a testing kit for testing the oxygen level in the tank.

Here is the best Oxygenation pump for betta fish. You can buy the aquarium air pump from amazon now.

Solutions to increase the oxygenation

There are various ways to increase the oxygen in the fish tank. Firstly, you can change the water in the tank to 80% and refill it with fresh water. If the tank was so dirty then clean the tank completely.

The freshwater has enough oxygen content and uses a filter or air pump for providing air and water flow in the tank. You can also use live plants that generate oxygen, but they need light for converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.

#2  Small tank or too many fish

Betta Fish Staying on Top

The fishes need a lot of space for swimming but betta fish need only a small tank for living. So they have problems of lack of oxygen due to the small tanks or overcrowding. The fish may get stressed and stay at the top of the aquarium every time.

You can either make a big tank or separate the fish into another tank. It was the only solution for betta fish to stay at the top for a long time. At least use a 5-gallon or large tank for the fish keeping.

#3 Inadequate Water Temperature

Betta Fish Staying on Top

If the water temperature is not adequate then fish may stay on the top. The fishes need recommended temperature in the tank and it varies according to the fish species.

In my experience, the shift in water temperature can lead to many problems and one of my goldfish died due to the inadequate water temperature when I was a beginner.

Solution for Inadequate water temperature

The recommended temperature for betta fish is 22.22° to  30° Celsius.  You can use a water heater for maintaining the water temperature in the tank. 

If the water temperature is so high then you can use ice cubes in a plastic bag and put them in the water for some time to maintain the water temperature.

#4 Improper pH Level

Betta Fish Staying on Top

The changes in pH Level will make the fish stress and stay on top. Improper pH Levels will lead to many problems such as fish swimming upside down, staying at the top, and not being active for a long time.

The fish will not swim or eat food due to a lower pH level. So you need to maintain a good pH level in the tank. Sudden changes in the pH Level will kill the fish, you need to carefully make changes in the pH level.

Low pH Levels can lead affect the growth of fish. The Recommended pH Level of fish is between 6.5 and 8.

#5 Surface area too small

Betta Fish Staying on Top

If the surface area is too small the fish will stay at the top because they are congested at the bottom and they need a large surface area for happy living. If the surface area is too small then fish get stressed and leading to sudden death.

Solution for small surface area

Try to avoid small surface area tanks such as bowls and small tanks. You can make a big tank with a lot of space for the fish.

#6 Maintain pristine water quality

The main reason fish come to the surface is due to low-quality water. If the fish tank gets dirty, the fish will struggle to breathe under the water. The oxygen content relatively becomes low due to dirty water.

The fishes need fresh and filtered water with good temperature and pH Levels. The dirty water will make the fish sick and it will affect their growth.

Solution for maintaining water quality

The main important part of every fish is water quality. The fishes need a good water temperature and pH Level for growth. It’s important to maintain the water quality of the fish tank. If the water is too dirty then clean the water completely.

If the water was less dirty then drain the water 80% and refill it with fresh water. You can change the water once every week for the healthy growth of fish.

To maintain the water quality, you can use a vacuum pump for cleaning the bottom side waste. Don’t overfeed the fish because the waste will increase due to uneaten foods.

How to change the water detailed guide.

#7 Lack of Food

Betta Fish Staying on Top

Low protein food or not feeding the food on time will make the fish stay at the top. You need to feed the fish according to a schedule otherwise they will start digging the bottom or stay at the top.

Many fish owners are busy with their daily job. So they may forget about the feed. You can use an automatic feeder in the tank and set the time for a feed.

I will recommend buying Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder for your tank and check the price here.

Betta Fish Staying on Top

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