Introducing snails to the betta fish tank was a great idea, But you may think ” Do betta fish attack snails” Betta fish are peaceful but sometimes they may become aggressive towards fish tank mates. So adding snails will make the fish tanks clean and fresh.

Betta fish will eat snails if they are hungry and too small, Betta fish are peaceful in nature but they can become aggressive sometimes. While introducing snails to the betta fish tank, you need to put snail first and then betta fish to prevent snails from attacking

You can introduce medium size snails to the betta fish tank. In order to stop betta fish from attacking, you can read till the end for more information related to betta fish attacking snails.

Can Betta fish live with snails?

Betta Fish Attack Snail
Snail on a glass surface in aquarium. Selective focus.

Many people will consider this question before adding snails to the betta fish tank. Snails are great for cleaning the fish tank algae and making fresh water. Betta fish will attack other fish in the tank. Male bettas are more aggressive towards female betta and other fishes too.

You need to be careful while introducing snails to betta fish, I was afraid of adding snails to the betta fish tank.

Why did my betta fish attack snails

Betta fish will attack anything inside the fish tank. When you put snails inside the betta’s tank, you see betta start to attack snails. If snails are too small then betta fish will start eating.

Bettas attack snails due to eating the flesh of snails. Bettas are always hungry and many fish keepers have put snails into betta’s tanks without any problems.

How to stop betta fish from attacking snails?

Betta Fish Attack Snail
Decorative aquarium.

If your betta starts attacking snails in a fish tank, there are a few things that you can do to prevent snails from bettas attacking.

Decorate you tank

The best way to keep snails from betta is by decorating a fish tank or aquarium. You can add live plants and gravel to fish for hiding snails. By decorating fish tanks snails can be hidden somewhere inside the plants.

Most fish keeper use, even I used this trick for betta fish because cleaning fish tank was time-consuming, so adding snails to fish tank give less maintenance.

Rearrange the Tank

If you rearrange the tank, the betta will feel its new fish tank. In the old fish tank setup, they may feel their territory and will not allow other fish to come inside. So rearranging will make the snail stay inside the tank without any problems.

Feed according to schedules

Sometimes betta will attack snails due to hungry, if they feel hungry they will start eating anything inside the tank. So you need to feed bettas according to time schedules. You should feed bettas 2 to 3 pellets twice a day.

What is the Reason for attacking snails?

Betta Fish Attack Snail
spotted nerite snail (Neritina natalensis) eating algae from the fish tank glass with blurred background

There are many reasons for attacking snails. Betta fish are carnivores and they may feel hungry every time. So you need to be careful while introducing snails to betta fish. They may start attacks for flesh.

Other reasons are When the snails are too small, then betta will eat them. You need to put medium size snails, so betta cannot eat them. When you introduce snails to betta territory they may start attacking.

How to feed snails inside a betta tank

Don’t worry about feeding snails inside the betta tank. There will be algae inside the tank, which should be enough for snails. The mystery snails will eat anything that they found. You can see some waste betta food, dead plants, and algae for snails.

Don’t feed snails inside the betta fish tank because they may find snails and start attacking them. Be careful while feeding snails inside the betta fish tank.

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