Betta fish owners need to face many problems in the breeding period. Do you ever had experienced that betta fish breeding without bubble nest.

Betta fish can breed without bubble nests because the eggs will lay above the water and after some days the fry will start free swimming in the fish tank. You need to carefully remove the female betta if there is no bubble nest.

In this article, you can get a detailed guide about:

How to care for a betta in the breeding period

Reason for betta fish not making bubble nest

How to encourage betta fish to produce bubble nest

Some other questions related to betta fish breeding without bubble nest

You need to read the article till the end for getting complete information regarding betta fish breeding because this article was made for beginners.

Can Betta fish breed without a bubble nest

Betta Fish Breeding

In the breeding period of betta fish, you may need to face many problems. You can use healthy pairs for breeding otherwise the fish may die due to attacking each other. I had experienced betta fish breeding without a bubble nest.

In that time, many experts have provided good guides to caring for the bettas. The bubble nest was important for the betta fish breeding because the eggs will be laying on the bubble nest and male betta fish will guard the eggs.

Reason for betta fish not making bubble nest

Betta Fish Breeding

These are the reason for betta fish not making bubble nests.

  1. Strong Pressuarable Filter

If you use a strong pressure filter in the breeding tank, it will break the bubbles due to high-pressure water flow. So the betta fish get stressed and will not make bubbles until they feel relaxed.

You can use a slow-speed air pump or filtration for the betta breeding tank for avoiding breaking the bubbles.

  1. Temperature

The important factor of the breeding tank is water temperature. While setting up the betta breeding tank, you must set the temperature according to the betta fish. The recommended water temperature for the betta tank is 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature fluctuates then betta fish will not make bubble nests for breeding.

  1. Age & Health

The age and health of fish will affect the breeding. If the betta is aged over then they will not create bubbles for breeding because they are tired and not healthy for breeding.

If you’re not choosing a healthy breeding pair then male betta fish will not make a bubble nest for breeding.

  1. Water Quality

The quality of water is an important factor in the breeding period. You need to provide good filtration will low flow and quality water at a normal temperature for the betta breeding tank.

Test the water and make sure that nitrate and ammonia content was not spread in the water. Due to feeding the water may become dirty and you can see the waste at the bottom. So you need to clean the tank very carefully.

  1. Live Plants

You can add live plants into the breeding tank so that male betta can create bubbles on the plants or any floating objects.

Best live plants for betta fishes.

Importance of a bubble nest for betta fish breeding

Betta Fish Breeding

A bubble nest is an important factor for betta fish breeding. Breeding without a bubble nest will the eggs may get damaged.

Bubble nest will offer a safe place to lay eggs and young hatching to survive. The bubble nest will ensure the oxygen content and encourage the fry’s growth.

The male betta fish create bubbles nest for making the territory. If there are sudden changes in the water temperature or parameters then betta fish may build a bubble nest for protecting themselves.

  • A bubble nest is essential for betta fish breeding.
  • Create a bubble nest as the territory
  •  Inside the bubble nest, they can lay eggs and encourage the fry’s growth.

How to care for a betta in the breeding period

Betta Fish Breeding

The better you care betta. The better you can breed them.

You need to care for the betta fish and need to choose the best pairs for breeding otherwise the breeding will be unsuccessful or you can breed only a small amount of fries.

Select good male and female fish for pairing. The male should be bigger than the female, many beginners don’t know to select the betta fish for breeding.

Betta fish conditions are important at the beginning of breeding. Proper care and feeding need to be provided while conditioning the bettas.

3 times feeding is a must after selecting the breeding pairs because in breeding time no feeds are provided for 3 to 4 days. So you need to feed them while conditioning otherwise they will eat the fries.

Here is the list of betta fish feeds that enhance the growth and color of fish.

Indian almond water condition will provide micro bacteria for the betta fry. Also, provide water cabbage live plants, so they can eat some roots of live plants.

Some tips for setting up betta fish tanks

For a breeding tank, you need to use quality water with good temperature and pH Levels.

Use a small aquarium with a 15 cm water height to maintain the male betta fish’s health.

Provide some live plants for sustaining the health of fish. Live plants will help to produce oxygen content and encourage the fish for breeding.

7 simple steps for creating a beautiful betta fish tank. I have created a detailed blog on the betta fish aquarium setup.

How to encourage betta fish to produce bubble nest

Betta Fish Breeding

If your betta fish is not making bubbles for breeding, Don’t worry.

You need to follow our setups for encouraging betta fish to produce bubbles.

Step 1: Make a Small breeding cage with the size of a 25 cm diameter circle or square type bowl or aquarium tank for breeding.

Small breeding tank for betta fish that you can buy now from Amazon.

Step 2: Use quality water for breeding ( You can use Indian almond leaves for conditioning water) Many experts are recommending Indian almond leaves for a betta.

Step 3: Use low-flow filtration in the breeding tank, otherwise the bubbles will break or the betta fish will not feel to produce a bubble nest.

Betta Fish Breeding

Step 4: Use floating plants or plastic sheets for helping the male betta for producing bubbles. The bubbles will stick to the floating plant or plastic sheet.

How to make betta fish for breeding a complete detailed guide.

Some of the questions that every beginner ask

Can Female Betta eat eggs?

The female betta will start attacking or eating the eggs after breeding. If you see the female betta stressed or the male betta attacks the female after breeding then shift the female betta to another tank.

The male betta will care for the eggs and fry until they grow up. Mainly the female betta fish will eat eggs due to a lack of feeding while conditioning. So when you start choosing the pair, you need to feed them well.

Who protects Betta fish eggs(Male or female)

Male betta will protect the eggs after the breeding. You can remove the female betta from the breeding tank after laying eggs. You can see the male betta pick the eggs with its mouth and put them in the bubbles nest.

Many beginners don’t know about breeding and they will remove male betta when they find eating eggs(They are not eating eggs).

I recommend reading the betta fish staying at the top everytime.

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