There is a lot of betta fish food available in the market, So many people have been confused with improper information and guidance regarding betta fish food for choosing the best one

In this article, I’ll be showing the 5 best betta fish that I was using for the last 2 years. So  I recommend these betta fish foods with confidence because they gave me good results without any problems.

So today we are going to show,

5 Best Betta Fish Foods(Reviews)

What foods do betta fish like most?

How to Feed Betta Fish without overfed

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There are many beginners who don’t know to care for the betta and run a farm successfully.

5 Best Betta fish food

These are the 5 best betta fish food that I was providing to my betta fish for 2 years. You can give these foods and check the growth. I was shocked about the growth when I feed them. 

 1. Fluval Bug Bites

It was the best food for betta fish because they are insect eaters. Fluval Bug Bites are high nutrients with quality ingredients made for betta fish. You need to feed them carefully because excessive Fluval bug waste will lead to health issues for the bettas.

Many beginners don’t know the feed the fish and they give as much as they eat. So you need to bet carefully while feeding fish. 

You can feed a betta one pinch of Fluval bug bites per day, Don’t overfeed.


1. Fluval Bug Bites Betta Fish Food, Granules

Betta Fish Food

It was one of the best betta fish food that you can give one pinch per day. Effective growth within 2 months.

You can give this feed for conditioning the bettas for breeding.

  • Contains Nutrient rich black soldier fly larvae.
  • Easily digestible food for a betta.
  • No artificial filter was used or preservatives.

2. Northfin Betta Bits 

Betta Fish Food

It was another betta bites food with a lot of vitamins, and minerals. It was a high-quality pellet feed for betta fish that is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Northfin betta bits were expensive when compared with other low-quality feeds. It was developed for improving health and enhancing brilliant color.

  • Easily digestible
  • 1mm Pellets feed
  • High-quality ingredients

 3. Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets

Betta Fish Food

It was the best pellet feed for betta ( Beginners can use these pellets). I used these pellets when I was a beginner because it was recommended by my uncle john. 

Many people are using Hikaru betta food as a beginner package. You can count the pellets and ensure they are not overfed.

The design and quality were so superior and it was designed by Hikari who produces most branded food.

  • Perfectly suitable for beginners
  • High-quality Ingredients
  • Premium Fish meal with a lot of proteins
  • Color enhancement

4. Freeze Dried California Blackworms

Betta Fish Food

Now we are moving to another section of live food feeds for a betta. Black worms are one of the finest live feeds that you can give to betta after a certain growth level. It was a great nutrient source for bettas and Damselfish.

They are packed in freeze-dried for a better nutritional profile. It was recommended by a fish owner, After using this feed, my fish started growing faster than normal feed. You need to carefully feed live foods because overfeeding can lead to many health issues such as swim bladder diseases.

  • Great Protein Source
  • Easily feedable
  • Very fillings

5. Hikari Freeze Dried Daphnia

Betta Fish Food

Daphnia is a great food source for betta fish because they are very nutritious and help in the digestion process as well as a laxative for betta fishes. You can buy daphnia in three types frozen, live, and freeze-dried.

In my opinion freeze-dried was best because they are enclosed with vitamins and nutrients in the pack. Hikari was one of the top brands that provide food with quality ingredients for enhancing the growth of fish.

  • Best feeding response 
  • Laxative for fish
  • Help in the digestion process
  • Nutrients enhanced

What Food Do Betta Fish Likes Most?

Betta Fish Food

Many beginners don’t know the nature of fish. Betta fishes are carnivores and they like to eat high-protein foods. Some of them believe that betta fish can survive using the live plant’s leaves and roots.

In wild they will be searching for insects and larvae as food. That’s why many people are using live food and freeze-dried foods for a betta to encourage its growth and enhance its color.

Betta liked flakes and pellets with the correct level of nutrients. You can feed bettas with high- vitamins and protein food for enhancing their color and growth.

I have been using the above-listed product for 2 years and it provides incredible results for my fish‘s growth. 

How to feed betta without being overfed

Betta fishes love to eat food as much as they get because their nature is carnivores. It was very difficult to say “ How much food do betta eat”. Overfeeding is a common mistake when you feed a new fish.

Many people feed too much due to begging. The fish will start begging when they realize the owner is near them.

Feed them according to time schedules for avoiding overfeeding. If you feed two times a day then continue the schedule. If you see food floating on the surface or bottom, you need to lower the quantity.

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