Have you ever searched for what plecos need in a tank? Plecos are enormous fish that will clean the aquarium and reduce the spreading of algae. They will magically wash the poop and other debris in the aquarium.

For plecos, we need to provide a heater, filter and some variety plants they like. They will stay more time at the bottom and you will need to make an aquatic environment for the healthy living of plecos.

In this guide, I’ll provide information about the equipment that plecos need in a tank. After reading this guide, you will know the importance of each piece of equipment in the tank.

So let’s start with a quick introduction to plecos

Introduction of Plecos

plecos Need In a Tank

It was referred to as Suckerfish in many countries, The common name of the plecos is “hypostomus plecostomus”. Freshwater aquariums, It was the best fish for cleaning fish poop and debris.

Common plecos belong to the Loricariidae family, originally the species from South America.

Here is the detailed care guide of Plecos.

Plecos can be found in many rivers because the pet owners are releasing the fish into the wild. So you can see these types of fish on the riverside.

Temperament: Peaceful fish

Temperature:72°F and 86°F

pH Level: Neutral pH balance between 6.5 and 7.5

Water Hardness: Up to 25 dGH

Size:15 to 25 inches

So this was a quick introduction to plecos.

What do plecos need in a tank: List of items

In the plecos tank, you need to provide a filter, heater, substrate, driftwood, and live plants. These were the important items that plecos need in their tank.

Many beginners are not aware of the fish’s health and enjoyment. There are a lot of things that every beginner should learn from the experts. Even I was not providing them filter because plecos are used for cleaning the tank.

Then I think” Why should I provide filters to plecos aquariums?” After someday the water becomes cloudy and plecos and other fishes start showing some erratic movements while swimming. Then I suddenly separate the fish to clean water and used a filter in the tank.

Do plecos need a Heater?

A heater is essential equipment for fish to control the water temperature. Plecos need a heater in their tank because they are amazon tropics and you need to keep them warm for happiness and health.

The temperature needs to be maintained for reducing the stress on fish. If the oxygen content in the water becomes lower, the fish will struggle to breathe and it may lead to many problems like stress and other health issues.

So the Heater is important for fish. For plecos, you need to maintain the temperature between 72°F and 80°F. 

Can plecos keep in cold water?

Plecos cannot be kept in cold water or a temperature below 72°F. Some plecos can stay at room temperature, but the oxygen level in the tank starts to decrease. So you need to provide a heater for maintaining the water temperature.

When the temperature is too low, the plecos may show erratic movements while swimming or hide in a covered place.

Sometimes plecos may come upside for gasp air(To breathe air). Now you know the importance of a heater in a plecos tank.

Do plecos need a filter?

Plecos need filters in their tank due to various reasons. Filters are used for removing the toxic ammonia and nitrites from the aquarium. 

The filter is important for every aquarium for removing waste and oxygenating the tank. Freshwater brings more oxygen content into the tank. So you need to provide a filter for every aquarium.

There are three types of filtration such as biological filtration, mechanical filtration, and chemical filtration.

The main benefits of filtration are to remove debris and ammonia from the tank. A mechanical filter will trap the waste material such as plant leaves, and uneaten food. A biological filter will break the ammonia into nitrates which was not toxic for fish.

The various reasons for using filters in the plecos tank are for removing the debris and ammonia from the tank. 

Filtration will increase the oxygenation in the water and remove carbon dioxide. Not only that, It helps to circulate oxygen in the aquariums. The water flow in the aquarium will release carbon dioxide content.

When the water becomes cloudy, the fish struggle to breathe and they will be stressed, So using a filter will reduce the stress in fish.

Do plecos need Sand or gravel?

For plecos, the ideal substrate is gravel and soft sand. In gravel, it was easy to find the waste food and decade plant leaves. So they will clean the bottom and fish poop. 

You can use substrates such as soft sand, pebbles, or gravel in the pleco tank. It was suitable for plecos and other bottom-staying fishes.

Is sand good for plecos?

Sand is good for plecos because it can filter the substrate and find the food for eating.  But you need to put soft sand in the aquariums. If the sand gets rougher then it will be hard for plecos to search for food.

Do plecos like plants

Plecos love plants in the aquarium. They really enjoy them because plants will produce algae and a lot of small organisms that can be eaten by plecos.

Plants are important in fish tanks because they generate oxygen by converting carbon dioxide. The plecos may stay near the plants or leaves not for eating. Plecos are used for cleaning the tank, so you can see them near plants for reducing the algae spreading in the tank.

Plecos will not eat any live plants because plants’ leaves are harder. So they will not try to eat plants. But they will be staying near the plants of leaves.

For knowing more about the plants that plecos like, Check this post.

Do plecos like Driftwood

Driftwood was an essential part of the pleco’s diet. You need to provide some driftwood for plecos as they need to balance their diet. They will absorb fiber by grasping on the wood.

Driftwood also creates a natural environment and they can hide near the driftwood when aggressive fishes attack them.

Do plecos need light?

Light is not necessary for plecos, you need to simply provide some nature night in aquariums. You can keep the aquarium near windows or balconies for natural light.

The light was not important for plecos, but for plants, it will benefit. The plecos need some hiding spot that should be dark. So they are encouraging light in the aquariums. But natural lighting is good for them.

But don’t keep the aquarium in direct sunlight because the water parameter will be changed suddenly which make the fish stressed or any other health problems.

Wrapping Up

Now you know what plecos need in a tank. There are a lot of important equipment and items in the plecos tank.

So you need to provide them.

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