When I posted the last article about whether can goldfish sleep while filtering on, then I realized why I can’t provide a good article on goldfish sleeping. Some of my fish are always resting not sleeping for a long time. Do you ever think that goldfish rest more than 24 hours?

Generally, Goldfish will not sleep at night not only goldfish most fishes do not sleep, they will rest in a small place or hide under some objects for about 8 to 12 hours a day. Just like people, Goldfish also need to restore energy to the body for maintaining proper immune function.

Goldfish need a quiet and dark aquatic environment for sleeping, so you need to turn off the aquarium light at night. If your goldfish is sleeping more than 12 hours, then it has some issues. In this article, you will get detailed information regarding goldfish sleep.

Why is my goldfish sleeping?

Goldfish Sleeping

The goldfish will take rest for 8 to 12 hours a day if you see goldfish taking rest for more than 12 hours. It could be due to low-quality water and not getting a healthy environment. There are more related factors that you find below.


Goldfish Sleeping
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Overfeeding fish will affect the quality of water if you’re a new beginner in fishkeeping.

If you find the goldfish laying on the ground without any movement, it was due to overfeeding. You can also see the food waste at the bottom or floating on the surface of the water.

High Temperature

The high temperature will affect the fish nerves, If the water temperature is too high try to maintain the temperature as soon as possible. Otherwise, the goldfish will start dying due to the high temperature in your aquarium.

You need to maintain the water temperature for goldfish 68° to 74° F. To maintain the water temperature, you can use ice cubes for reducing the water temperature (Use Closed bags) and turn off the aquarium lights.

Due to high temperature, the goldfish’s health will not function well, the nerves will be damaged. If you’re goldfish tank rest for more than 12 hours, check the fish’s health properly.

Small tank

Goldfish Sleeping
Goldfish isolated on a white background

The goldfish will be sleeping for a long time due to the small tank, if your goldfish was placed in a small tank, the goldfish will be stressed.

They need a lot of space for swimming and goldfish will produce a lot of waste, which will affect the water quality that and increase the stress of goldfish.

I recommend using big fish tanks for goldfish. so they can swim a lot.

low oxygen level

The goldfish will sleep for a long time due to the low oxygen levels in the aquarium. They will be inactive for some days too. So you need to increase the oxygen level in the water.

There are a lot of reasons that oxygen reduces in the aquarium. In order to maintain a good oxygen level in the water, you can use these methods.

  • Pouring water from a height
  • Water Change
  • Decrease the Water Temperature
  • Using Air Pump
  • Use a Fountain
  • Use a Spray Bar
  • Use a HOB filter

Low aquatic plants

Goldfish Sleeping

Another reason for goldfish resting for more than 12 hours is due to low live plants.

The goldfish need a good aquatic environment to increase their happiness of the fish. So you need to maintain a good aquatic environment in your tank.

Don’t overuse live plants because they will increase the algae and bacteria inside the aquarium. You can also use a good filter for maintaining good water quality.

How many hours do goldfish sleep?

Goldfish Sleeping

A healthy goldfish will take rest for 8 hours to restore the energy to the body to maintain a proper immune function.

Unhealthy goldfish will take rest for 12 hours or more if you find goldfish laying on the bottom without any movement for more than 12 hours, It was due to unhealthy conditions.

You need to maintain the water temperature and the above-mentioned methods to help goldfish from dying.

Is it normal for goldfish to sleep during the day?

First of all, goldfish will not sleep ( not only goldfish but every fish in the aquarium also will not like humans) they will be resting at the bottom of aquariums. Normally goldfish will not rest during the day, their resting time is at night.

Is it normal for goldfish to rest?

Normally goldfish will rest at night for 8 to 12 hours a day. Unhealthy goldfish will rest more than 12 hours a day. They are resting for restoring energy for proper immune function.

They will use energy during the day for feeds and swimming.

What Are Stressed Fish Symptoms?

  • Hiding for a long time.
  • Goldfish gasping for air at the surface of the water.
  • Resting for a long time.
  • Not eating feed as in normal.
  • Crashing at the bottom of the tank
  • Darting around the aquarium.

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