In recent days, I’ve been watching my goldfish and found eye looks white and realized that the goldfish eye cloudy problem. It was found in many fishes in my aquarium due to poor care at the beginning of fishkeeping.

But why goldfish’s eye becomes cloudy?

The goldfish eye becomes cloudy due to the opacification of the lens and cornea. It was very difficult to treat and the fish may become stressed due to being blind.

In this blog post, I’ll show the causes of goldfish eye cloudy and how to treat them in a detailed guide. Also, you can read a detailed goldfish care guide.

The main cause of the goldfish eye cloudy problem comes from the poor water quality. When I was a beginner, don’t know the way to treat the fish and care for them. I just simply started fishkeeping and not its become my passion. Today I have a lot of fish in my aquariums and fish tanks.

Why is my goldfish eye cloudy?

Goldfish eye cloudy

The goldfish eye cloud is a disorder that was found in many fishes and it is treated as a common disorder nowadays. In the fish’s eye, you can see the white film appearing and it will make the fish blind.

It was caused due to various factors that can be shown later, In most cases, the treatment of goldfish eye cloudy was simple and successful. You need to carefully care for the fish after the treatment.

The eye cloudy was caused by the accumulation of mucus in the eyes and it will make the fish difficult in seeing and make them stressed.

7 Causes of goldfish eye cloudy

The goldfish eye cloudy disease can be caused due to various factors such as poor water quality, bacterial infection, parasitic infection, injuries, low immunity, etc. I’ve researched a lot of topics related to fish eye cloudy and found a suitable solution for my fish.

Now they are happy without any disease infections and treating them as friends now. Fishes are the most adorable living thing that can give relief from frustration and stress. 

So let’s dig more about the causes of goldfish eye cloudy disorder

Poor Water Quality

The first cause was poor water quality, fish owners are not aware of the water quality which will lead to one of the major problems. Fishes need freshwater with good temperature and pH levels.

If you don’t clean the tank, the water will get dirty and an imbalance of pH levels and temperature will make the fish’s eye cloudy. Poor quality water may lead to various causes such as spreading bacteria, high levels of nitrates and ammonia, low oxygen, etc

All these unaware factors will lead to fish eye cloudy disorder and it is a common sign of chronic stress caused by poor-quality water.

Bacterial Infections

The fish eye cloudy disorder can be caused due to bacterial infection and inflammation. You can see the milky sheen on the eye and if it doesn’t clean within two weeks then it could be a bacterial infection.

Streptococcus Bacterias are the major reason for the fish ey cloudy and this infection can be caused by freshwater and saltwater. It could lead the fish to be blind and they may get stressed. 

The bacteria infection on the eye can be treated with antibiotics. You need to provide good care for fish after their eyes cloudy problem solves because this bacteria infection will not remove altogether.

If your goldfish is swimming upside down, then read this article about swim bladder disorder.

Low Immunity

Research has found that low immunity can make the goldfish’s eye cloudy. A lowered immunity system can cause various problems like blind, eye cloudy, etc. You can prevent the goldfish from low immunity by improving their health conditions and preventing diseases.

When found the fish had low immunity, they can be moved into a new tank with fresh water and feed them food, and supplements according to time schedules.

Don’t overfeed the fish because they may get stressed. Low immunity occurs due to poor maintenance of water and low-quality feed without any nutrition.

To boost the immunity power of fish, you need to maintain the water quality and give nutritious feeds and supplements.

You can see the list of nutritious food for goldfish


Goldfish eye cloudy

If you give them food without any time schedule, it will lead to more problems. Fishes are always hungry for food and when you go neat to them, the fishes will start begging for food.

It can cause eye cloudy, the fishes will eat only a few foods and the rest of the food become waste and make the water dirty. The dirty water will affect the fish’s health and eye-related problems.

You need to try some new brands of food for the fish if the eye cloudy was not recovered within two weeks.


It was the major reason for the goldfish eye cloudy disorder.

The fishes will start fighting and they may have injured when they fight with other fishes or are stuck by objects, etc.

You need to care for every fish in the tank and check the health status of every fish every day. The injuries can cause damage to the eye that will lead to inflammation and eye cloudy disorder.

When tank mates try to attack the goldfish, they may have injuries like a tail bent, gills or on the body.


Goldfish eye cloudy

Overcrowding is the major cause of goldfish eye cloudy disorder. You can see the fish crowding one side of the tank or swimming at the surface of the water. The crowd can lead to stress on the fish which will develop diseases.

The overcrowding is due to various reasons such as poor water quality, Feeding them in their current place. It was very hard to feed the fish with overcrowding and most of the small fish will not get enough food.

You need to make a secondary fish tank for separating large fish from the community tanks. Otherwise, it will lead to major problems such as stress, fish health, etc.


Some fishes have eyes cloudy naturally and it was considered a genetic appearance.

It was not due to infections because you can see the eye cloudy from the birth of the fish.

How to treat goldfish eye cloudy disorder 

Goldfishes are the most adorable fish that everyone loves. But they can get infected by diseases very fast. So, you need to provide good care for the fish otherwise they will get infected by a lot of diseases such as swimbladder disorder, eye cloudy disorder, etc.

One of the most common problems of a fish’s eye cloudy is the poor quality of water. Fish owners need to maintain the fish tank water quality and temperature. There are a lot of ways to treat the goldfish eye cloudy disorder.

Water Quality

You need to provide good water and need to test the water quality once a week. Poor quality can lead to various problems like stress, eye cloudiness, swimbladder disorder, etc.

You need to maintain the pH Level and water temperature of the water. Clean the tank once every month. And add salt to the water to reduce the inflammation of the fish tank.

Change the Filter

Changing the filter will help to maintain the quality of water. It will clean the debris and reduce the bacterial spread in the tank. Clean the filter once every week and clean the algae from the tank.


After doing the above methods, the goldfish’s eye cloudy disorder was not recovered within 2 weeks. You need to see the veterinarian and give them antibiotics available for the fish. There are different types of antibiotics available on the market.

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