Many people are asking questions regarding goldfish and guppies, But the main issue is can goldfish and guppies live together. Is it safe to keep both goldfish and guppies in the same tank? 

Goldfish and guppies living together in the same tank are not possible. Guppies are peaceful freshwater fishes but they can be aggressive too. Guppies will attack goldfish when they are put together.

When you visit any aquarium shop, you can see many kinds of fish species living in the same tank. You may think it was perfect to keep both fishes in the same tank

You can read out the complete details in the goldfish care. So read till the end to know more detail.

Can goldfish and guppies live together?

Goldfish and Guppies Live Together

Goldfish and guppies can be put together and they can live in the same tank, but when goldfish see the guppies’ fries they will start to eat.

( We wouldn’t recommend putting both goldfish and guppies together in the same tank)

You need to beware of what goldfish you have and the guppies’ size. if the size of the guppies is too small, then goldfish will start eating the small guppies.

Here is the list of fish mates suitable for goldfish.

Goldfish and guppies are peaceful behavior fishes, but at a certain time, the goldfish start eating if they are hungry. So you need to feed goldfish on time to avoid eating guppies.

How to Protect guppy fries from Goldfish?

To protect guppy fries, you need to move the guppy females to another tank with a breeding cage. It was the only way to avoid eating guppies fries.

Guppy fries will not survive in big tanks with a lot of big fish, even female guppy can eat their own fries when they are hungry.

Be careful while keeping both goldfish and guppies in the same tanks.

To protect guppy fries, you can set up a breeding cage of separate tanks for breeding.

Breeding cage: Breeding cages are used for breeding fish, You can put female guppies in the breeding cage before giving birth and keep them safe from other fishes.

Separate tank: You can put guppy females in another tank for saving guppy fries. However, this process will need to set up two tanks. Maintaining two tanks was possible, but if the range becomes bigger then it would be harder to maintain.

Most people are not carrying fish, they are not aware of guppy fries. Before purchasing any fish, you need more knowledge about that fish.


Goldfish and Guppies Live Together
Guppy Multi-Colored Fish in a Tropical Aquarium

Before putting goldfish and guppies together in the same tank, you need to know about the temperaments of each fish.

Many people are putting fish together without knowing their temperaments, you need to have more knowledge before starting fish keeping otherwise it will fail.

Guppy temperament

Guppies are peaceful fishes, you don’t need to worry about their temperaments. But that doesn’t mean they are not aggressive. Some of them may become aggressive due to some reason.

If you have too many guppies male in the tank, then they may start fighting each other in order to mate with females. That is why people keep 1 or 2 guppies males with females.

To lower the aggression, you need to change the water periodically and give feeds according to schedules. Plenty of live plants and a lot of space are needed for guppies to swim and eat algae.

Goldfish temperaments

Goldfishes are also peaceful fish just like guppies, they will not attack any other fishes in the same. But if the tank mate is too smaller for goldfish then they will eat.

So to prevent these issues, you need to provide a separate tank or breeding cage for guppies. Otherwise, goldfish will eat fries completely.

If we look at the temperament, the goldfish is a social animal that is not aggressive to any other fish.

Goldfish and Guppies Tank Requirements

Goldfish and Guppies Live Together
Goldfish in an aquarium with green plants

Now, let’s talk about the tank requirements of goldfish and guppies. Tank requirement is an essential part of life, you need to provide a good aquatic environment for goldfish and guppies.

Goldfish Tank Requirements

Goldfishes like life pants with a lot of space to swim. You need to add a lot of plants to the tank. but don’t add big leaf plants such as lotus etc.

They need plenty of space for swimming in a good aquatic environment. The basic step for a fish tank needs 30 gallons of water with live plants.

Tank SizeA minimum of 30 gallons of water is needed for single goldfish, 20 gallons per extra goldfish fish
SubstanceSand, Live plants
FilterTo remove excess ammonia, nitrate, and debris
Water temperature68° to 74° F
pH Level6.5 to 8.5
BubblerTo oxygenate Water

Guppies Tank Requirements

Like goldfish, guppies also need a lot of space for swimming with live plants.

Tank SizeA minimum of 5 gallons of water are needed for three guppies.
SubstanceSand, Live plants
FilterNot needed
Water temperature76° to 78° F
pH Level7 to 8
BubblerTo oxygenate Water

Goldfish and guppies diet

This is so an important topic, As you feed both goldfish and guppies. Their diet is too similar, so you don’t worry about changes.

Guppy diet

You can feed guppies small pellets and a mixture of plant foods. Daphnia, brine shrimps, and mosquito larva are best for guppies. Live fish food will help to grow faster without any issues.

Don’t overfeed them, Overfeeding will lead to health issues and stress for guppies. So feed live fish once a day.

Feed blended vegetables such as a small leaf, cucumber, etc for guppies, Feed only once a week.

Goldfish diet

You can feed guppies food to goldfish because both of them are omniverse. You can give guppies food to goldfish, but don’t give goldfish food to guppies.

Goldfish foods are specially designed for them, so don’t give goldfish food to guppies and make sure they are getting proteins and nutrients correctly.

Can goldfish and guppies eat the same food?

As you know guppies and goldfish are omniverse, so giving food to guppies to goldfish is not a problem. But don’t feed goldfish food to guppies.

Goldfish food will be eaten by guppies, but it will lead to many problems such as overfeeding situation, health issues, etc.

Don’t Feed Goldfish Food to Guppies.

Can goldfish eat guppies?

Goldfish and Guppies Live Together
Lots of small, newborn fish in a glass jar

Goldfish will not attack or eat guppies that are too big, But they will small guppies(fry). To avoid goldfish eating guppies, you need to feed them correctly within time schedule.

If you found goldfish-eating guppies, then move the goldfish to a separate tank. Otherwise, it will eat all the fish in the tank.

Will goldfish eat guppy fry?

There is a chance of goldfish eating guppy fries, Even I have e seen goldfish eating guppy fries when they are hungry. You can separate pregnant female guppies into a breeding cage or separate tank before birth.

If you see any guppy fries inside the goldfish tank, separate them as soon as possible to keep them alive, Otherwise, the goldfish will eat them.

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