Otocinclus are one of the best fish for reducing the growth of algae wafers. But choosing the best algae wafer for otocinclus was a little difficult task. You need to know the pros and cons of each algae wafer and choose the best one among them.

If you’re looking for the best algae wafer for otocinclus, don’t worry here is the list of algae wafers that you can buy now. So after this review, you will know the benefits of each one.

Follow till the end for choosing the good algae wafer for otocinclus fish.

Before that, Do you know how to care for the otocinclus such as water parameters, common diseases, and breeding Then you can read the otocinclus care guide.

What is the Best algae wafer for otocinclus fish?

Algae wafers are used for feeding the fishes like plecos, otocinclus, and other catfish like cory catfish, etc. It was a tablet feed that can be used for bottom feeding because fish like otocinclus will not get enough food while feeding others.

So you can feed them algae wafers for them. Here is the list of the best algae wafers for otocinclus fish.

1. Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers Fish Food

Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers Fish Food

  • Superior Level Veggie Matter
  • Highly stabilized vitamin C
  • High rich nutrition

Hikari tropical algae wafer was an excellent otocinclus algae wafer because it has superior level vegetable matter that will help the fish to stay healthy. You can feed the suitable fish that you have, But I recommend feeding bottom-staying fish.

When I started to feed the Hikari Tropical wafer for my otocinclus, I have seen some other fish also like this wafer. You can reduce the stress and build more immunity power for fish by feeding the algae wafer.

The highly stabilized vitamin C will help to reduce stress and build immunity for the fish. Hikari was one of the top brands and I highly recommended feeding them because it has lots of minerals and nutrition.

If you feed Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers Fish Food to your otocinclus fish, they will stay healthy and don’t worry about the waste. It will not make the water cloudy or dirty. The tablets take time for dissolving in the water. 

So the fish can eat them without dissolving. You need to feed them 2 or 3 pellets and wait for them to eat. If the fish eat faster then you can feed another 2 pellets.

If you found the wafer after 24 hours then clean it asap and feed them after 12 hours.


I have fed this algae wafer to my otocinclus and it has improved their health and immunity power.

In amazon, people have provided good reviews and 4000+ ratings for Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers. So I recommend buying this feed for otocinclus. 

Pros and cons of Hikari tropical Algae


  • Boost the immunity power
  • High rich nutrition
  • Highly stabilized vitamin C
  • Reduce waste spreading in the tank


  • Encourage algae boom in the tank

2. Tetra Algae Wafer

Tetra Algae Wafer

  • High levels of nutrients.
  • Nutrient-enrich veggie supplements
  • Digestible veggie food

Tetra Algae wafer was the best feed for otocinclus and it was second on our list. Tetra algae have high levels of nutrients that make our fish healthy. It was the best to feed for bottom feeders and they concentrated on nutrient-enrich veggie supplements.

You can feed tetra algae wafer to any fishes that stay on the bottom every time. Sometimes the feeds make our tank water dirty, so sudden changes in the water parameters will affect the health of fish.

In order to avoid this, you need to feed them a specified amount of feed daily. So the water will stay cleaned and provide a filter for cleaning the water. If you don’t use the Algae wafer properly then it will make the water dirty and encourage algae growth.

It was easily digestible veggie food for otocinclus and this feed will not make the aquarium water dirty. But you need to check the water parameter every week as a precaution.

When I started feeding tetra feeds to my fish, it will boost the immunity power and the fish stay healthy. There are no side effects for the tetra algae wafer.

Overall, it was a nice feed for otocinclus and other bottom-feeder fishes, This algae wafer has a problem spreading the algae in the tank(If you overfeed them, the water becomes dirty).


I have used this feed for my plecos. It was one of the best feed for bottom-staying fishes. If you feed normal food to our otocinclus or plecos, they won’t get it because other fish eat food before reaching them.

In amazon, The Tetra has a rating of 16000+ with wonderful reviews. It was good feed for beginners and make the water clean and stable water parameters.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of tetra Algae Wafers.

Pros and Cons of Tetra Algae Wafer


  • Highly Enriched Nutrients
  • Highly Digestible
  • Doesn’t Dissolve Fast for making  water clean


  • Not make for those who don’t like water to become dirty.
  • Fishes leave the outer parts of tablets.

3. Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder Fish Food

Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder

  • Nutrient-rich black soldier fly larvae
  • Whole salmon rich in omega 3
  • Vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet

Fluval is one of the best brands that provide high-quality feeds for fish. You can feed Fluval Bug Bites for otocinclus because it can give them healthy growth and it comes in the size of a granule.

Fluval granule contains 40% of the nutrient-rich black soldier fly larvae and multiple proteins like whole salmon rich in omega 3. It was fortified with important vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet.

The fish can eat skinny granules in two minutes and they will dissolve in water after some time. So there will be no waste in the aquarium, but there may be a chance for the spreading of algae due to overfeeding.

You need to only feed the food that they need and don’t overfeed for better growth results. But you can feed them a small amount of food and wait for 24 hours to feed them.

If the water becomes dirty or cloudy, you need suddenly change the water or else you can separate the fish into another tank. 


I have been using the Fluval product for the last two years and Fluval never disappointed me. My friend Johny has used Fluval Bug bites for the otocinclus and plecos. He told me it was good to feed for otocinclus.

In amazon, it has a rating of 3000+ with good reviews. So you can trust this product and try for three months to see the effect growth of otocinclus.

Now Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Fluval Bug Bits


  • Highly Nutritious Feed
  • Dissolve in water
  • Fly larvae


  • Small type Feed
  • May affect the water quality

4. Aqueon Algae Rounds

Aqueon Algae Rounds

  • Premium ingredients
  • Wafers contain spirulina
  • 15 minutes for dissolving in the water

Aqueon Algae rounds have a lot of ingredients from dried algae. You can feed this algae wafer to otocinclus and plecos fish. The premium ingredients in the aqueon algae will attract the bottom dwellers.

It was good feed for proper health and boost the immunity power of the fish. You can feed 2 to 3 tablets and wait for 24 hours to dissolve in water. It also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals for the healthy growth of fish. 

These wafers contain spirulina, which promotes a healthy immune system. But one of the major problems of these types of feeds is they may suddenly boost the algae spreading in the tank and make the water dirty and cloudy.

When the water becomes dirty, it was very hard for fish to breathe in the water which may lead to stress or other health issues.

It will take 15 minutes for dissolving in the water. But I will only recommend feeding 1 tablet for 2 pairs of otocinclus or plecos. This wafer immediately sink into the water and it was easier for the fish to eat.


I have used this feed for testing my plecos and otocinclus. It was good for bottom-staying fish with a lot of ingredients and vitamins. 

In Amazon, It has a 2700+ rating with good reviews from a lot of customers. 

Pros and Cons of the Aqueon Algae Rounds


  • Improve fish immunity power
  • Does not dissolve quickly
  • Easily sink into the water


  • Can make the water cloudy

5. Aquatic Arts Algae Wafers

Aquatic Arts Algae Wafers

  • Encourage the growth of otocinclus and plecos
  • A lot of proteins and nutrients

The people who are looking for a sinking wafer for otocinclus and plecos, then this algae wafer is for you. It was the best otocinclus food and plecos.

Aquatic Arts were the feed that I had given to the otocinclus. It was due to the goldfish that eat all the food in the tank while feeding the otocinclus. So I researched and asked a fish keeper for a solution.

He recommended using Aquatic Arts algae wafers and I started to feed them. It will encourage the growth of otocinclus and plecos, But it will make our aquarium a little cloudy. So you can use a filter for cleaning the water.

It was a little hard to expand the wafer, but the otocinclus can eat when it becomes a sponge. Another benefit of this algae wafer is it contains a lot of proteins and nutrients for otocinclus to stay healthy and grow.

One of the major problems of these algae wafer are if you overfeed the fishes, the waste will encourage the growth of algae. So there may be sudden algae spreading in the water. Sometimes it may affect our fish’s health and they will be stressed. 

So cleaning is an important factor in fish keeping and checking the water parameters regularly. Now let’s look at the pros and cons of the aquatic arts algae wafer.


 It was the first feed that I had given to my otocinclus and plecos. It encourages the growth of fish, But the water becomes cloudy when you overfeed them. 

In Amazon, it has 400+ ratings with good reviews from many experts. So if you’re a beginner feeder then I will not recommend this feed.

Pros and cons of Aquatic Arts Algae Wafer


  • Contains a lot of protein and nutrients
  • Big-size wafers will not fit other fish, so the otocinclus can eat them.
  • Value for money


  • Disintegrate faster and make the water cloudy.
  • Boost the algae growth if you overfeed.

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